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The truth about what happens when we die




The age old question of what happens to us after we die has faced man since the dawn of history, and there are many and varied beliefs that attempt to answer this most important question.

One popular belief that has existed through the ages is that all human beings possess a "soul", the real self, which dwells for a time in the body, that death is merely the liberator of the soul, which then wings its way to the "hereafter" - the afterlife. This ancient belief tells us that death is not an enemy, nor is it even a true death, it is only a change from one life to another, a shedding of the body.

This belief in the natural immortality of the soul is reinforced by the media and the entertainment industries today, through books, television, movies and even video games. This core belief also finds expression in a multitude of related beliefs.

Some believe that those who live good and selfless lives pass immediately at death to a realm of eternal reward and bliss, while those who live wicked and selfish lives pass to a realm of eternal damnation and punishment.

Others believe in purgatory, that we get a second chance at redemption, that after death the soul remains for a time in a place of suffering, to be purified and made ready for eternal life.

Still others believe in reincarnation, that we get multiple chances at redemption, that the soul is reincarnated in a different physical form, to live life over, and that this pattern repeats until the soul reaches enlightenment and becomes worthy of eternal life.

There are even those who claim to have received a glimpse of the afterlife during near-death experiences, some even claim to have visited heaven and to have seen deceased relatives there.

Is there any substance to these beliefs and experiences? Are the media and entertainment industries correct in their portrayal of the afterlife? Do human beings really possess an immortal soul? Do the souls of those who die really survive death in some form, and is it possible for us to actually communicate with them? Have some really received glimpses of heaven? How can we know the truth about what happens to us at death?

These are the questions we will answer, but to do this we must go to the one and only place in which the truth about all these things can be found.

Read on to discover what the truth is...


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